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Motion sensor triggers 14 high-intensity LED lights

Solar powered

Built-in LED night light

Automatic sensor that doubles as a mini night light

Independently adjustable and multi-directional

Durable and weather-resistant


  • Bionic Duo
  • Second Bionic Duo for only $6.95!
  • Free Shipping
  • Bionic Duo comes with a 90 MBG and 5 Year Warranty.

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Get your Bionic Duo today for 1 payment of $39.95 USD and we will ship it out to you for free! Order today and get a second Bionic Duo for only $6.95 USD. Sales tax will be applied to all orders. All pricing is USD. No tariffs or duties - Less P&H

  • Keep all your essential devices in one place
  • No more coming into a dark room
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  • Light your home without hassle
  • Feel safe and secure

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Simply stake the Bionic Duo into the ground in seconds
Backed by the Bell & Howell Bionic 5 Year Replacement Warranty
Can be wall mounted on virtually any hard surface
Outdoor-tested and commercial-grade

Light up your home!

Bionic Duo from Bell and Howell is the affordable way to light your home without the frustrations of installing lights or paying contractors a fortune. Stake them in the dirt or grass in seconds or mount them on virtually any hard surface. Just position the solar panel to daylight to soak up the sun to provide light all night.
Bionic Duo also has a red motion sensor that detects motion and triggers 14 high-intensity LED lights on two features that light up the 1000 square feet. And best of all, both panels are independently adjustable and multi-directional. So, you can position the light any way you like!